Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd provides one of the most advanced and professional staffing solutions in india for temporary, regular staffing. Our access to a large database of staffing resources is backed by time-tested hr management system that makes your deployment of staffing a pleasure.

At Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd, we boast of 98.90% client retention across industries including NBFC, BFSI, IT/ITES, Retail, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, FMCD, Logistics and much more!! This has been achieved with a staffing solutions service offering that is the best in the country, making us one of the most renowned staffing company in India.
Manpower Staffing Services – The Best One

With our team by your side, you are always going to receive the best manpower staffing services of all time. We have our flexible partnership models, which will allow us to be quite responsive and match our unique needs. This might even help in supporting some of the seasonal contract or some short term requirements. We are there by your side, to offer you with contract to hire talents. And these candidates are going to differ, depending on the current project based support. You can get them as permanent employees by your side, and find the right talent for your firm, now.

Staffing Services – Flexible Services Available
You will be glad to know that proper staffing packages are hard to find. And with such a growing competition, it becomes really tough, as well. Therefore, what we plan to do is that, we always try to offer you with flexible services, when it comes to staffing services india. We always try to work on the best practices, even if that calls for quality services. Our team is all settled and ready to provide you with significant approaches of all time.

• Now, there are so many reasons to choose us over the rest. But, you can always rely on our timely delivery service as one mean.
• We always ask qualified experts to offer you with help on making the right staffing choice.
• No matter whatever industry you are associated with, you can get the best packages from our side.
• We try to work on various kinds of industrial segments, and so far, we have succeeded in all of them.
• Finding complain on our services is never an option, as we put our heart and soul in the staffing services just for your need.

Structured Staffing Solutions or Third Party Payroll Services
The way we have structured our staffing solutions, all you have to do is to give us a green signal, and you will find your productivity increasing overnight. Our proven recruitment, payroll and compliance practices scale with your business and deliver benchmarked staffing solutions for you.

• Easily understandable processes and simple SLAs that make it easy for you to come onboard.
• Seasoned recruitment team that can quickly source, evaluate, select, and form a team for you
• Large and specialized staffing database for FMCG, FMCD, Retail, Telecom and Finance. We have your staff waiting for you.
• An error-free, highly secured, and flexible payroll management system that pays employees on time.
• Powerful and proven computerized system that includes self-service portals, query management system, help desks, and MIS for your management.
• Complete compliance management that takes care of minimum wages, PF, ESIC, and labor laws. You are protected 100% all the time.
• Complete and proven associate management that keeps our staff who work for you happy.

India’s Best Temporary Staffing Services
Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd specializes in temporary staffing. Why should you think of temporary staffing solutions as an option for your business or organization? Read on, and you may be amazed.
Temporary staffing means, Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd provides you the human resources you need for a specified period. However, the employees continue to be on our payroll, and they work for you. We will take care of the rest like identifying the kind of employees you need and going through the hiring formalities and documentation. All you need to do is let them work for you. Once their job or requirement is over, you inform us, and we will take care of their exit. It is as simple as that.
India is the third in a list of countries that employ over 40 lakh people as temporary staffing. USA and Japan are first and second in the list. Retail, Hospitality, and Telecom were some of the leading sectors that employed temporary staff. Now, this bug has bitten the juiciest apple, the IT sector. Temporary staffing is not limited to junior level but has touched senior level employees too.

• Looking for a way to reduce your administrative costs and liabilities associated with permanent employees?
• Looking to migrate employees from existing company rolls?
• Do you need human resources on a flexible period basis that can add to your margins, profits, and bottom line?
• Do you need human resources for particular positions or in groups?
• Talks to us and let Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd surprise you as to how temporary staffing can impact your business and finances directly.

Why should you outsource your staffing function to ESKY OVERSEAS Recruitment PVT.LTD?
• You can be at peace concentrate on business activities that are critical and important for your business.
Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd has been one of the well-known staffing companies in India, and we have been around for over 7 years now.
• Staffing and recruitment are challenging and cumbersome tasks to an organisation. Outsourcing your staffing needs to a contract staffing agency reduces your tension and burden of finding suitable human resources.
• Outsourcing staffing solutions to Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd means that you are assured of a constant pipeline of talent required for your business or organisation.
Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd is one of the top most staffing companies in India with over 50,000 people deployed across all industry sectors all over India.
• Irrespective of your location in India, Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd can provide manpower services by identifying, training and placing local resources and cater to your organisation.
• All staffing related tasks like recruitment & selection, salaries, payments, exits are all handled by us.
• You can add, increase or reduce your human resources numbers at any time without having to worry about formalities.
• We take over the risks that are usually associated with temporary staffing and contract staffing. This means that your risk and concerns levels are nil.
Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd one of the top temp staffing companies in India, can provide unlimited manpower at an affordable cost.
• Integrated offering, Recruitment – national team, linked to relationship teams, Greater accountability Uniform client update
• Our constantly updated HRMS system ensures accurate and latest data at super speeds. You always have access to different types of reports in a snap.

Call Us For Other Options
If you are still not sure about our services, you are most welcome to give us a call. We believe in offering significant approaches, whenever the right time comes. And for that, visiting our official website, or checking on our professionals for online support, is all that you need. We are glad to be by your side, always