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Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd Is One Of The Leading Global Recruitment Companies.
Want to start a business in recruitment and staffing service? Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd gives you the opportunity to start your own Business and make your business grow!!!
We have been awarded as the Top 70 Consultant of 2016 by the Franchising World. Along with that we have also received an appreciation for our quality work and a certificate. With this, we would like to share our success with you in becoming a part of us by joining our Franchise.
Our recruitment franchise is a business opportunity that requires an investment of Rs. 1.35 Lakhs (excluding GST) in the first year, with an ROI of 300 %.
Our Franchise is a Work from Home concept with plug & play Model. All you need is a Mobile phone and PC/laptop with an internet connection and the most important quality time of 6 hours.
Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd is a very creative business and lots to learn. Your main Job Role will be to Screen the profile, conduct the first level of the telephonic interview at home, and send the relevant profile to the client.

Types of Franchisees We Offer:
1. UNIT FRANCHISE Domestic (Be a Leader to build an organization)
2. UNIT FRANCHISE Global (Be a Leader to build an global organization)

For a staffing agency franchise we are looking for an Entrepreneur who has a hunger to work. Please answer the following questions mentioned below.
• Firstly are you keen to start a staffing agency franchise?
• Are you keen to start a small business from your home?
• Are you looking for a business with a small investment and assured income?
• Are you searching for a business that does not require staff?
• Are you scared of sales?
• Do you want a business that is easy to set up and operate?
What Support Do We Provide?
1. Start-up training, full technical and operational support.
2. Back-end support with training, payroll processing, legal and compliance functions.
3. Back office operations – Centralized Invoicing & Collections
4. Operational processes (Reporting formats, database management, requirement management, incentives etc.)
5. Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.
6. Share recruitment software and the on-line database of the company.
7. Ongoing Business Development guidance and support
8. Continuous guidance on sourcing for typical requirements (Sourcing methods, target companies, etc.)
9. Cost Optimization.
10. Share promotional and Branding Materials
11. Dedicated Access to job portals.
12. Infrastructure Guidance- Infrastructural equipment, Office layout plan, etc.
What Benefits Franchise Partners Get?
1. You will benefit from being a part of our group – Alliance Recruitment Agency.
2. You get back-end support with training, payroll processing.
3. You receive front and back-office software.
4. You receive a national advertising and marketing program that will continually reinforce our distinctive brand image.
5. You have all of your processing done through the system by our head office, enabling you to focus on generating more sales.
6. You receive staff training.
7. You can gain an excellent return on investment.
8. You can avail regular income through renewals / services.
9. You get the best-quality training and real-time chat support advantages.
10. You can easily connect with clients, as we are a brand that businesses trust.
11. You can leverage business associations with SMEs and find opportunities to generate more revenues.
12. You get to benefit from using our already successful business model, allowing you to focus more on expanding your business.
13. You need not worry about investing in recruitment and sales tools as our system includes them.
14. You also benefit from the quality leads we generate through our expert marketing and business promotion activities.
15. You also get business planning assistance along with extensive training from our team.
Connect with ESKY OVERSEAS Recruitment PVT.LTD!
If you are looking to set up a successful recruitment franchise, Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd has a great network of the best staffing franchises and international recruitment agency franchises. Our presence is spread across countries, including India. Whether you are seeking to set up a recruitment franchise in Mumbai or a recruitment franchise in Odisha, we will be able to offer you opportunities that will help you become among the best recruitment franchises.
Being a global business, our international recruitment agency franchises benefit from a continual flow of recruitment opportunities from different industry verticals. You can function as a recruitment franchise in Odisha or a recruitment franchise in Mumbai and progressively gain the ability to increase your scope of recruitment solutions management. Our training, expert advice, and assistance with operations process management, business development, and other key activities will allow you to get the insights to become the best staffing franchises or the best recruitment franchises within a short span of time.
If being a low-cost recruitment franchise is what interests you, we could also assist you with the best solutions. You could establish a low-cost recruitment franchise in Mumbai, a low-cost recruitment franchise in Odisha, or in any other major cities in India with our solutions. You need not worry about the technologies and platforms or investing a lot in setting up talent networks and databases. Through our support, find cost-optimized recruitment solutions that will help you establish one of the best recruitment franchises or the best staffing franchises.
Get in touch with Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd and become a part of our international recruitment agency franchises.
Hence, we lay a great emphasis on building a strong franchisor-franchisee relationship system, at whatever stage of franchising you are at and ensure that you work towards the long-term goals of establishing a strong successful franchise business.
Yes, you will be working on live vacancies of global multinational companies interviewing candidates
We also provide an HR consultancy franchise, also known as a job consultancy franchise.
To know more about this employment agency franchise or the overseas placement franchise in India model, please click on the Franchise Details tab or talk to Direct on 9967402220 Or Email at See you soon as a part of our recruitment team at Esky Overseas Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How much business can we expect every month?
A. You can expect a Minimum of 8-10 Positions for various roles. In case you show us good capability of handling more work, we will be happy to share more work with you. There is a lot of business available from our clients & the more you work, the more it keeps us motivated to share more work with you.
Q. Will you be giving us domestic or international clients to serve?
A. We have different franchise packages for domestic and international clientele.
Q. Which industries do you cater to?
A. We cater to all industries; working with any particular industry preference is not a constraint.
Q. Will you Train Me?
A. Yes of course. We will be training you for 2 days. This 2 days Training program will consist of Theory and Practical training sessions. The training will focus on Business Development, Operations, Recruitment and Admin part of the Franchise Business. This training will be a Practical Training, thus preparing you to be ready to get into action.
Q. What is your Service Fee?
A. Our service fees start from 8.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate and goes up to 16.33% of the Gross Annual CTC Of the Candidate, depending on the profile and contract with the client. This is payable to us after 30 days of the joining date of the candidate.
Q. Do we work at less than 8.33%?
A. Preferably not. However, if a Franchise wants to work at a lower rate, then we are open. It is sometimes beneficial for you to work at lower rates because you do not have too much overhead costs.
Q. Will I get enough work?
A. Keeping you idle is a loss for us. We will ensure you have enough work.

Thank you very much for your time in reading this page on ESKY OVERSEAS Recruitment PVT.LTD and Recruitment Franchisee Business.